Setting up DDNS


Im quite new at this, so im hoping for some help here.

I have Nextcloud docker container running on my unraid server with mariadb.
Local access works fine, but i would like to have remote access aswell.

I want to use my asus GT-AC5300 router for DDNS. It is setup as follows:

Method to retrieve WAN IP - External
Host Name -
DDNS Status - Active
HTTPS/SSL Certificate - Free Certificate from Let’s Encrypt
Port forwarding:
Internal IP Address - Port 443,80,8080.
Protocol - TCP

Port mapping in unraid docker
Nextcloud - 172.17.0.X:443/TCP –
(I have tried to use the other ip in my setup, and its not working)

Nextcloud config file -

'trusted_domains' =>
array (
0 => '',
1 => '',

Im getting “Malformed server configuration” when trying to connect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know, unless I’m mistaken there shouldn’t be port configurations inside the trusted domains array, only IP-address or domain name, could you try without ports?

Yeah i can see that. But local works fine.

And i just tried to remove the ports in config, but no luck.

Hm, I see … unfortunately I don’t know, there is one more thing I see tho I wonder about, it says you’ve port forward to port 443 from your router to your device and opened docker to 444 on the device, or is that a typo?

In unraid nextcloud container shows as webui port 444 and container port is 443.
Should these be the same, so both 444 and port forward 444 instead ?

I just tried to change the port forwarding to 444, and i then get the unraid login screen when using the url