Setting up Cron Job

Hello All,

I have just installed the latest version of Nextcloud and everything is running great with the exception of the Cron Job. I am using aaPanel which has a handy Cron Job feature, however I am not sure I have it setup correctly and was wondering if there was someone here who could assist me in making sure it is correctly configured.

Also this is annoying for those who upgrade their system:
“The database is missing some indexes”.
I am not going to manually add these and waste my time, so uninstall and reinstall of the latest version will resolve this but, man this needs fixing. Who has time to manually start adding tables etc. to their database and what about those who know zip about this application? Nevermind I know the answer.

Thank you in advanced.


we are nto the experts on your panel software here. Everything special should be in the documentation:

Which information is missing to add it?

Why change a wiper for my car, just sell it and buy a new one!

When you follow the link to the documentation, you’ll find an option for the occ-tools that adds the index.
Reason behind is, that adding indeces for large tables can take quite some time and if you have a huge setup, you don’t want to run this unplanned.
Why are there changes to the database structure, well, Nextcloud evolves, there are new functions, there are performance improvements etc. that require certain changes.

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