Setting up an Development Environment on Windows

Hey everyone,

I’m new in programming PHP, but my company wants me to look at the nextcloud if its possible to realise the ideas they have.
Unfortunately I can’t get the Environment setup on Windows via xampp.

Has anyone an good tutorial to setup the Environment? With the tutorial from nextcloud, I can’t get it to work. I tried WSL too but i had there problems with premissions and symlinks didn’t work.

In advance thanks for the help.

Hey @TheStick
Nextcloud doesn’t support windows, as far as I know. From what I’ve heard WSL is quite cumbersome, so a real Linux machine/VM may be preferable, but your mileage may vary. I’ve also seen there’s configuration available for github codespaces which allows setting up a dev env in the cloud, but maybe someone else may know more about this (cc @LukasReschke ?)



in my case it seems possible to use wsl.
It runs well and the setup is okay, if you think about some keypoints.

I don’t have a complete install manual or so, but here are the steps I still remeber without doing a research:

  1. make windows running wsl service, based on ubuntu (no complete ubuntu vm)
  2. install all stuff for a running NC on the wsl. To access the wsl machine, just run “wsl” in cmd on windows.
  3. put your project
    a) on the windows system and upload changed files via local access to the wsl. (you find your wsl filesystem in the network shares)
    b) on the wsl system, that makes auto node procompilation easy, because filechanges are tracked automatically ← recommended

I hope that helps to start. Questions welcome.



thanks for the reply.
I’ve created an Ubuntu-VM like @marcelklehr suggested and got the development up and running.
I try tomorrow the way with WSL and give feedback how it went.

Also the VM way worked, I didn’t get the symlinks to work. Has anybody an Idea or is it unnecessary to use?


I would recommend you to follow this way. Until you become professional with the system you will need support and references with other systems - it is easier to find help if your system looks similar to lot other rather you have some exotic setup…

Hello once again :wink:,

after some trail and error with WSL i didn’t get that to work. With that in mind I’ll stuck to the suggestion from @marcelklehr and @wwe.

Thanks for the quick help.