Setting up a not so anonymous poll using forms

Hi there,

Can anyone advise on how to remote the tag line “Responses are anonymous” from a form, even if ‘Anonymous responses’ flag is set? The rational behind this setting is that participants are not known beforehand and do not have an account at our next cloud instance.

The issue is, that if an email address of the participant is collected, the poll ist not really anonymous.
Hence, there is no doubt that the poll could be anonymous but that if personal data is collected in the form, it’s not anymore!


I usually am not working much with forms. But I just tried to setup a testform… and as a participant I was never asked to enter my emailaddress. So it would be perfectly “anonymous” in that regard.

Just share the link externally. And you’re done.

BTW: welcome to the community forum for Nextcloud

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for your comment.

Just for clarification: The mail address is collected explicitly in the form because it’s required.


well then try to unset the flag :wink:

Yep. But then authentication was required, which is not feasible.

why not including a certain hint in the question itself? Like: “We need your emailaddress because it is required (Note: that makes this survey possibly traceable to you, pls keep that in mind though we won’t trace it back to you)”

ummm… I am blond. So please forgive me. I don’t get it.
You check the flag and ppl need to leave their email.
You uncheck the flag and ppl need to leave their email as well?

Yes, this would be an option.
But seems somehow semi professional - stating a poll is anonymous and later on stepping back from this…

Sorry for the confusion.

People shall open the form and provide their mail address

rather than

Authenticating before they can participate

umm I got first and foremost confused by the title of that thread. I thought you were using “Forms” rather than “Polls” - you even filed that under Forms!

But it’s all about Polls!

And since you demand a mandatory emailaddress for taking part in it, it’s not anonymous anymore but a private one.

I can’t see any offical announcement that it’s anonymous, though. At least not for participants. (I just tried setting up a test-survey on my own).

I think you can simply do without the setting anonymous. The text is then also not much better but then ok. If the user is not logged into Nextcloud when answering anonymously, the result will be the same as with an anonymous survey. Only if the user is logged in Nextcloud, the filling of the form is linked to the account. But this should be ok when polling e.g. email addresses.

I also do not like the text at this position.
Maybe someone can delete the text.
Maybe someone like to write an issue.

But Forms is a very good software.
Thanks for the app.

There is no authentication in my Forms.

Thanks for that hint.