Setting rights for directories and subdirectories

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I have a question about setting permissions for directories and subdirectories. I’ve read that you can’t set different group rights on a directory and then different rights on subdirectories. Someone advised that it is possible to achieve this with an ACL. I downloaded the file access control plugin from https://nextcloud.vnol.loc/index.php/settings/apps/files/files_accesscontrol where I created a group folder in the administration, e.g. NA. Everything works great, for a given group it is possible to set different rights over this directory than for a subdirectory. However, my joy waned when I discovered that the folder created in this way does not sync via the Nextcloud Desktop Client. Even if I added permission above the directory to the account I use to sync, it didn’t help. So I want to ask if there is any workable way or way to create different permissions on directories and subdirectories, because currently it works by taking top level permissions when sharing. And even if I remove some rights from the given group on the subdirectory, it is useless if they have higher rights in the parent directory of this subdirectory, so the rights are taken from the root directory.

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so solved. By complete accident, I looked in the sync client and the folder I created in administration as group was visible, but the sync option was not checked. Once I marked this folder for sync, this folder synced fine.

great you solved the problem by yourself and let the community know about it! Thanks for that.

Though, I just stumbled across this

Umm is this a local URL for you? For me it’s not accessible. ANd I was wondering why you won’t link to the offical site to download it… which is

that link is my mistake, I gave the link of our nextcloud installation. Regarding the local url, I did not read anywhere how to use it. I’m new to NC and wanted to create a directory and subdirectory structure with different permissions. The only thing that came to mind is using file access control. Here I can set different rights at different levels to individual users or groups. If it can be solved in another way, please let me know.

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Aside from the ACL plugin, permissions are generally on a per-share basis. But, one thing you can do is share a folder as read only, and then share a subfolder with write access. It will appear twice then, and only the one shared as writable will be writable, so maybe it’s not the clearest solution.