Setting quota results in incorrect data limit

Hi all,

when I sign in onto my Nextcloud using my Admin account, I can set a quota for each of the users on the cloud, i.e. I can limit the data each user is allowed to upload on the cloud. (at least that is what I am doing if I understand this feature correctly)
I limited my own storage to a quota of 5 GB this way.

However when I sign in on my personal account it shows that I am currently using 890 MB out of 1.2 GB. The same is showing on the Nextcloud sync client on my PC. Now the 890 MB are correct, but where does the 1.2 GB come from and should not this be 5 GB?

If the free storage on your partition is less than 5 GB, it shows the remaining storage. You can check the filesystem usage with df -h

Perfect, that is indeed the case. Cleaning up my system right now. Thanks for the info!