Setting datadirectory with snap

Nextcloud version

Hello. I’m very new here. Tried to find the answer to my question here and via google. No success. I would appreciate your support.

I have installed nextcloud via snap on my freshly installed ubuntu. As the default datadirectory I would like to use from scratch /EXTERNAL_DRIVE instead of /var/snap/nextcloud/common/nextcloud/data.

I am following the usual steps:

  1. sudo snap install nextcloud (no config.php in /var/snap/nextcloud/current/config/config.php so far)
  2. creating admin user + password (http://localhost/) --> config.php now available, however already with the default datadirectory value. Also the sample files have already been created in the default folder.

I understand, setting the datadirectory at this point to /EXTERNAL_DRIVE is already too late. But when and how can I properly set the desired value for datadirectory then?

Thanks and best regards.

Have a look at the explanation from the wiki of nextcloud-snap here:

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