Set your visibility on Github to public :)

We still have quite some people on Github who have their visibility set to private still. Switch to public so you are shown on the organization page and the organization is shown on your user page.

You can switch from »Private« to Public on your own account on this page:

cc @frank @rullzer @Gomez @icewind @BernhardPosselt @enoch85 @pierreozoux @Bugsbane @iosifidis @longsleep @leon @peternowee @stp @sualko @tflidd just flip the switch. :wink:


OK. All done. :+1: Thanks for the reminder Jan.

Must be my usual parranoia to have it private.
Anyways done.

Everyone who is part of our github project and has set their profile to ‘visible’ will show up on :wink:

Would be nice if you set it to public, friends!

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