Set Permissions / rights for specific Users / Groups is it possible?

Hello Nextcloud Community,

Is it somehow possible to set specific permissions or rights for either Users or Groups ?

For example I want to create accounts that are 100% managed by the administrators, so we set their Password, Username, Display Name and Email but do not want the user to change any of that. This does work with Accounts that are created using the AD group but not for Accounts that we create in the Web interface.

If that is not possible, it would also be enough if we could put User “X” into Group “X” and either forbid Group “X” to use the search function or only allow them to search for people, which are in Group “Y”. That search filter should also be applied to possible shares from the user.

In generall I need some sort of rights/permission system but was unable to find anything at all in this regard through the Admin web interface.

We are using NC 17 at the moment if that is any help.

Looking forward to your help and thanks in advance.

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