Set per-calendar organizer

I have a personal and a work calendar under my account. When I create a new event, I would like to be able to set the organizer name and email address, as seen by my attendees and by my calendar client (Thunderbird), to be different for each calendar. Unfortunately, it currently is set to my Nextcloud username and email address, with no (visible) way to configure it on a per-calendar basis.

Is there a way to achieve this? If not, shall I proceed with a feature request?

Thank you for your brilliant work on this app and on Nextcloud in general!

Hi @buggybugzies

I don’t use Thunderbird, but all the client apps I use primarily show the name of the calendar, which you can set to anything you like when you create a new calendar, and you can also change the names of existing calendars at any time. However, the email address cannot be changed, or at least not on a per calendar basis, and is probably tied to the primary email address of your Nextcloud account.

I’m not sure if any of this is possible to implement (apart from changing the name, which is already possible), but I could imagine that associating different email addresses with different calendars might be a valid feature request if you have multiple email addresses associated with your Nextcloud account, but probably not the username. However, from the top of my head I can’t think of any place where the username would appear in a client application, unless of course one of your calendars has the same name as your Nextcloud user.

This is a huge issue for me. Since my Nextcloud (personal) email address is what is visible in invites I send to attendees and because I want to keep my personal and professional life separate, I’m essentially unable to create invites. Very unprofessional.

Do others face this problem? I’m keen to create a feature request. Anything to keep in mind?

You could use separate accounts, which would be the best solution anyway if you want to keep things strictly separate.

Maybe leave out comments like the following… :wink:

…otherwise, just describe as precisely as possible what kind of feature you want and how you think it would be best implemented. The more detailed the better. Of course, you still have no guarantee that it will be implemented.

Thanks for the pointers! I’ll make the request soon.

To clarify, “very unprofessional” was referring to myself not being able to send out invites to my colleagues, not to the Nextcloud features. Nextcloud is awesome. I’m grateful to it and frankly amazed that this is the only problem I have with it.

That would entail a lot of unneeded overhead for me, as I would have to manage two accounts. I would like to keep managing both calendars from a single login, just using a different email address for each.

Maybe you could achieve this by sharing the calendar from one account with the other account. It would at least be worth a try…

It’s been already requested: Make organizer of event configurable · Issue #4122 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub