Set default quotas for users depending on the group


Is there a way to set different default quotas for each user, depending on the group?

For example, User A and User B are in group 1 and they get 5 GB default quota as well as all the other users from this group. Is it possible that User C and User D and all the other users in group 2 get 10 GB default quota?

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There is a Group Quota app.
Try it and please report back with your results (i.e. is it compatible with the latest NC version).
It seems to have been updated quite recently in the App Store (1 Week, 1 Day ago) so I am optimistic.

Apparently you haven’t understood my question. I don’t want any group to have a quota. I want every user in a certain group to have the same default quota.

For example:
Every user from Group A to have 2GB quota
Every user from Group B to have 5GB quota
Every user from Group C to have 10GB quota and so on.