Set config parameter 'datadirectory' to WebDAV?

Is this possible to set the config parameter datadirectory to WebDAV?

My nextcloud server is running on a webspace of my internet provider.
Right now the datadirectory parameter is like:
‘datadirectory’ => ‘/homepages/…/…/nextcloud/nextcloud/data’,
Everything runs well.
Because I’m running out of webspace, I would like to move the data directory to a WebDAV drive.
If I change the parameter to
‘datadirectory’ => ‘’,
then it wouldn’t work because no user and password is provided.
So is there a way to pass also an user and password for the data directory parameter?

Usually the data directory need to be a local path so that you cannot insert a WebDAV url. What you could try would be, to mount the WebDAV share on the system console, so that Nextcloud isn’t aware of the underlying change.
I would assume that this can have a negative impact on the system performance.

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