Service accounts to access a shared folder via WebDAV

Good afternoon,

I have a custom virtual appliance based on TurnKey Linux that I run at several remote sites, and what I want to do is have it upload files to a Nextcloud folder on a schedule. I tested this by using my own account to mount via WebDAV and copy files, and that worked fine.

It doesn’t need its own home folder, and I don’t want it to have access to anything but one subfolder of a group folder.

I thought about making a guest account for each one and sharing that subfolder with it, and that would be fine, except that there’s no email address for the onboarding process.


If you have your own domain, you can easily create some dummy-addresses. Or just real users for this purpose.

You can probably use a shared link directly (the thing with the mail address is just to send out notifications). I am not sure, there were some curl examples how to access shared links via webdav, I don’t remember if the sharing key was also the user name and a default or empty password.


That was my fallback plan, just make some aliases for my account to get them set up.

I didn’t even realize you could directly map a share with WebDAV. I think that’s going to fit the bill. I won’t need the service accounts at all.


Hey, I just wanted to say the curl option worked beautifully for what I was trying to do.

After the remote appliance runs a backup job, I wrote a script to run curl with find -exec after it backs up data to send the new files to Nextcloud, using a password protected share, and the remote system has no access to Nextcloud except for just the one shared folder. That did exactly what I needed it to do. :grin:

find *.cfg -newer last-run-timestamp -exec curl -u $sharetoken:$sharepwd -T {} “{}” \;