Do. 9. I ordered Nextcloud Basic because the offer is very cheap.
(Processing time usually 15 minutes according to their website)
I sign up for a new domain so that the cloud can be reached on the net
Payment: Paypal
Fr. 10. I open a Ticket, because nothing happened.
Di. 14. The Ticket is answered. They need an AuthCode (for a new Domain?) some Answers go back and forth.
Mi. 15. Last Stand I should register a new domain.
Do. 16. I order a new Domain. Payment: Paypal
Mo. 20. I open a new Ticket, because nothing happened.
Mo. 27. The Ticket is answered: The new Domain will be registered soon
Do. 30. I get a credit for the first domain and the cloud
(this was the reason why I came to Serverdiscounter)
Do. 30. I give up and cancel the order
Do. 30. Serverdiscounter: wir sind grade beim einrichten, aber na jut (we’re just setting up, but yeah)
Fr. 31. Serverdiscounter: you recently contacted our support with a question, this question has been answered satisfactorily?

What can I say?

You have given yourself the answer.

Have you looked at our offers? We are not so cheap, but our Support is great :wink:

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We have changed to another hoster for the moment, but you are in my mind.

Meanwhile I’ve become smarter - 500 GB / 10 € is not a professional offer.
The hoster has to drive taxi in the evening to realize this prices :slight_smile:

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I had three months of experience with Serverdiscounter. They are non-professional in their Nextcloud hosting service - which they started only in June '18 - , provide a badly connected (often slow/non-responding) server, and even achieved to cause a data loss (on server AND client side) due to a badly wrongly setup backup (which was 3 weeks old) after a 5 day server downtime (beginning of August '18). End of August they didn’t even claim to try to recover the lost data any more.
If you want a reliable and good Nextcloud experience, I highly discourage this provider.

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