Server-side encryption

i have gotten my nextcloud server up and want to enable server-side encryption, but for some reason the button doesn’t work. There is some error could be seen using programmer’s tools.

The error message:
TypeError: Object.entries(…).find(…) is undefined
data Encryption.vue:113
VueJS 6
61482 main-admin-security.js:51
Webpack 5
VueJS 8
61482 main-admin-security.js:51
Webpack 5

[vue.runtime.esm.js:3049:16] ------------------->
function logError(err, vm, info) {
if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== ‘production’) {
warn("Error in ".concat(info, “: "”).concat(err.toString(), “"”), vm);
/* istanbul ignore else */
if (inBrowser && typeof console !== ‘undefined’) {
else {
throw err;

it helped installing end-to-end encryption and default encryption module in “applications” first

What version of Nextcloud? I suspect you encountered this (which is fixed in the upcoming maintenance releases for all still supported major versions): fix(encryption): Clicking default module in UI sets bogus value by joshtrichards · Pull Request #44604 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

It’s a UI matter; can be worked around by running occ encryption:set-default-module OC_DEFAULT_MODULE

Note: End to End Encryption has nothing to do with Server Side Encryption (and they’re incompatible with each other). But, yes, the Default encryption module app does have to be enabled.

thank you, it is saying: nextcloud hub 6 (27.1.8)

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