Server-side encryption does not work


I am using Nextcloud 13.0.2 / PHP 7.2 (CGI) and have got a problem regarding the server-side encryption.
I want to encrypt every file one my cloud for every user so I have activated server-side encryption with default encryption module and with encryption of the home storage.

My file structure looks like this now for every user:

If I create a folder test_folder and upload a file test_file.jpg to it the following happens:
Nextcloud saves the file unencrypted to /data/userXXX/files/test_folder/test_file.jpg but in addition Nextcloud creates the following: /data/userXXX/files_encryption/keys/files/test_file.jpg/OC_DEFAULT_MODULE/fileKey + /data/userXXX/files_encryption/keys/files/test_file.jpg/OC_DEFAULT_MODULE/master_XXXXXXXX.shareKey

Can anyone explain that to me? Why is the test_file.jpg not encrypted?

Thank you so much in advance!

How did you checked that the file is not encrypted? Try to open this file outside of nextcloud, for example with a file manager through ssh. I suggest to not use a jpg for testing. Instead create a simple text file and try to open with nano in the console of the server or through ssh. If you can read this file the encryption does not work but I expect you can not read it.

You are so right - sorry for the confusion!