Server side encryption disable or not?


I want to clear something here because I don’t understand the documentation about it.

It is said that the old legacy encryption should be disabled…

1/ I guess we are talking about the server-side encryption? Or is it because there has been a change of scheme in the encryption format on that specific side?

2/ the documentation specify a command line to check something about the files… The integrity? That is not clear either.
And to change the encryption mode to false in config.php

I didn’t have this line in my config.php but I know that I have server-side encryption in all my instances.

3/ for me, an unencryption process is supposed to take some time since it has to decrypt every file… Why don’t we talk about that in the doc?

4/ there is not a word about the default encryption module in the app section… What about it? Should it be disable then??

I m sorry but the doc is very confusing about all this, especially since we don’t have a step by step protocol to actually decrypt all the files, disable the module and remove it => if that s the goal of course of disabling the old legacy encryption

Can someone clarify the situation for me point by point ?

That would be really nice so that i know exactly what to do on my instances.

Edit: I forgot 2 little sub questions,
If the goal is to delete the module default encryption module then why if we disable it, we still get a checked box at server-side encryption in the settings and we can’t delete completely the module from the interface?
And what about maintenance mode ? I ve only crossed it once on a reddit thread and didn’t know there was one actually. So should we go into maintenance mode while doing all that? And if we didn’t what is happening then?

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