Server Replies "409 Conflict" and won't sync some files

Hi all,

I’ve already submitted a bug report on this, but I need some help working around the issue. I’m running the desktop client version 3.2.1 on Debian Linux. My server is version 20.0.9. I have my entire “Documents” folder synced to my server using E2EE.

I had several files open for many hours while I wasn’t using the computer. When I closed those files I noticed that NC would not sync them back to the server. instead I would get the message “Server Replies " 409 Conflict” and won’t sync some files…" Not only that, but any other files in the same folder will not sync. This is happening in several folders.

Is there a work around? With the previous sync problems I could use a fix I found in the forums that involved deleting encryption locks from the database. Is there some similar fix I can apply here to get back up and running?


Seems like maybe this is a unique issue. For now what worked for me was deleting the data from the server and the client. Then setting up new empty folders on the client and setting up an e2ee sync with the server, then moving the client data back into those folders.

connect via web to the server and check the notifications , i think it is the antivirus app , you can pause the protection from the notification and the sync will keep going