Server not found from Windows 10 mobile app

Hi to all,

New to Nextcloud, I have it running on my server with access from outside my home network, I just found the Nextcloud app for Windows 10 mobile :slight_smile: and I am getting an error message that my server is unreachable :confused:. I can reach it with a web browser from my device.

I am running 10.0.1 and I am using https and have a self signed security certificate so when I log (PC browser) in I must choose to go to the site anyway.

Any thoughts?

Edit: I have an Ubuntu phone and found the Owncloud app (as Nextcloud is not in Ubuntu Store) and there is a server info page that allows for unsigned security certificates…but not in the W10M app. I successfully logged into my Nextcloud server with the Owncloud app.

Edit 2: I entered my server address as http:// instead of https:// and the app connects to my server so I cannot prove it but I suspect it is because of the unsigned security certificate I use. As the owncloud app allows for these issues, I hope that Nextcloud will add that function to the new app.

Hi @mw4jet,

Thank you for reporting this behavior of the windows phone app. I do not longer have an windows phone (fortunately :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but the screenshots are not showing me such a function (unsigned-certificates) too :wink: … it definitely should be there - because self-signed-certificates are also in times of Lets Encrypt used by some folks and companies :rolling_eyes: (…and in some cases they make sense ;))

Maybe @SunboX could help out here, as he is the developer of the windows-mobile app :wink:



Hi @mw4jet,

that’s (sadly) true. Windows 10 does not allow self signed certificates. There wasn’t a work around in WIndows Phone 8.1, but if I remember right, it should be possible now with Wíndows 10 Mobile. I will take a look into it, as soon as I’m getting the time to.

Meanwhile, you should consider using Lets Encrypt, it’s always a good idea to use a certificate signed by a real CA.

Thanks for the hint, and let me know if you have any issues with the app! (there are already some great features in the pipeline, but I hadn’t the time to test them right know)


PS: Thanks for supporting Windows 10 Mobile! :wink: We need more diversity in the mobile space. :smiley:

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I’ve created an issue for it, where you can track the progress:

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Thank you for the advice about Lets Encrypt, works excellent for Nextcloud!! App connects right on my W10M now!!. :grinning:

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Self signed certificates should work with the next release (v1.1.0). It was fixed with