"server not availeable" android only on 1 folder

Nextcloud version 28
Operating system and version Android 14
Docker 4.26
nextcloud android app 3.27

The issue you are facing:

In Android I can access all my folders and files with no issue but 1 folder. In that folder, I can see the content. However, I get the message on top “Server not available”

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? Y

Steps to replicate it:

  1. open nextcould app
  2. click through different folders
  3. one folder states Server not available

The output of your Nextcloud log in Admin > Logging:
I can’t find where the logs for the Android app are.

I’m experiencing the same issue with NC 28.0.2, Android 14/NC App 3.27.0 on a Docker/NGINX/Traefik-Setup. iPadOS with the current app version does not show this issues.
The logs in the Webinterface do not contain any messages regarding this (nor get lines added in temporal context when opening the folder).
The folder contains about 100 G of pictures and works fine on the Web-App.

@Norathus Maybe previews/thumbnails? Could be overwhelming FPM or something. Can you see what your NGINX and Traefik logs indicate during these attempts?

@danielsadeh Anything special about that folder in your case that you can think of? Is it particularly large like the one @Norathus mentions? Can you also check your proxy and web server logs?

@jtr Thumbnails have never been exceptionally fast for me, but due to the structure it is unlikely:

  • Top Folder
    • Pictures (only containing folders, no pictures stored in it directly)
      • Pictures 1 (Containing actual images)
      • Pictures 2 (Containing actual images)

I’m trying to enter the “Pictures” folder, where no previews should be called.

I also narrowed it down to the current version of the app on Android (3.27.0). When using the 3.26.0 from F-Droid everything works as expected. I also appear to be not the only one experiencing this issues:

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I can confirm the very same behaviour, Android 3.27.0, NC 28.0.2, I’ve many folders, but there is one folder and it’s subfolders where I get the “server not available” message.
I’m able to upload pictures but there are no previews or file infos.

It is still happening on 3.28.0
There are no logs being generated about it. Pictures refused to provide a thumbnail but after clearing cache and data I was able to restore that. Interestingly enough when you click on the picture it works just fine. I have got 68gb folder of pictures and videos with the same issue as descriped where it just flat out to refuse to show anything inside it though I can still view the pictures in the media or just photo part of the app

I to am experiencing this problem NC 28.0.3RC1 Android 3.28. Web access works fine. As suggested by Norathus, I downgraded the Android client to 3.25 and it works.

Now the behaviour can be Seen one more than one folder. Created successfully new folder, first upload of pictures was also successful, but since second upload there is a Server Not available message below folder name. There are only previewes of pictures from very first upload. I‘m not sure if it’s picture related or a common behaviour. App Version is 3.28.0.

This happened on my wife’s android app version 3.28, and nextcloud version 28.0.3. I had her share the folder to me and my phone (same version) did the same thing for that folder, but my android tablet (3.28.1) worked.

Reinstalling on my phone to 3.28.1 available on fdroid resolved it so i suppose the fix should hit google play soon.