"Server not available" message

I have a problem with the Android app. When I open it, I get the message “Server not available”. What could be the reason for this?

The Web Access over https works fine.

NC version
App version 3.26.0


I have the same issue.
After the the Android app upgraded to 3.26.0 I receive the same error - “Server not available”

Reinstalling does not help. I tried downgrading to 3.25 from the apk in GitHub and that worked as expected.


Thank you for the helpful answer.

It works again.

Thank you very much

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I have this issue, but only with one specific folder!

I wonder if there is anyway of resolving the issue other than downgrading to 3.25!

Update: there are two issues over on GitHub about this:

Seems it is basically a regression. Hopefully a fix gets released soon…

This thread is 2 month old, but I notice the same bug.
When using Nextcloud Client 3.26.0 on Android 13, there is 1 folder that does not display its content. I see a message “Server not Available” (in dutch).
When I downgrade to 3.25 (with F-Droid) all folders are visable ad reachable.
So this is a 3.26 client issue.

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There are multiple possible culprits that can result in “Server not available”. The only way to really isolate what is causing it in your individual situation would be to look at a mixture of the server-side logs and Android app logs[1]. The first linked issue above is due to the new/old metadata API. It’s likely fixed in v3.27.0. The second issue is unclear as logs are needed.

[1] GitHub - nextcloud/android at stable-3.26.0

app 3.27 still the same issue . I downgraded to 3.24.2 and everything back to normal

I see most of my folders but not my “contact photos” folder. It contains many (small) profile pics: JPG, PNG and WEBP mostly. Fir that folder, I also get “Server not available”. App: 3.27.0 (Play Store) on GrapheneOS on Pixel 6a. Server: 28.0.3rc1.