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Hi everyone, I’ve been using nextcloud with Android for almost a year and lately it tells me “that the server has reached the end of its life, update it”, but have they closed the mobile servers? A thousand thanks

basically this message means: there are no more security updates nor any more patches released for your server-version.
It didn’t stop running, though and thus you can still use it as before.

though I would strongly recommend to update your server pretty soon as the longer you wait the more of a securityproblem your NC-server will become.

Usually the update itself shouldn’t be any bigger problem (though there has been some tricky updates with certain versions in the past, depending upon the version you have installed). But whatever you’ll decide to do: take backups first.

good luck

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If you’re relying on a hosting company rather than purely self-hosting, you need to contact them. If you have your own Nextcloud Server, you need to keep it regularly updated: Maintenance and release schedule — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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