Server info, CPU load units?

What is the unit for “CPU load” on the admin’s Server info tab?

Memory usage use MB, which makes sense, but there is no unit for the CPU.

Right now it says “Load avarage: 1.63 (Last minute)”, 1.63 what? And is it normal for the CPU load to keep climbing as long as I am at the Server info tab?

(I’m running a Pi3)

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They probably just take the load information of your system:

Cool. Awesome and informative!
Since the Pi3 is has a quad-core ARM processor, a CPU load of 4 would mean 100% usage, and anything more would mean that processes were waiting in line to be computed, correct?

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Yes. And you should see a clear difference when you aren’t doing anything on Nextcloud and if you start a lot of up- or downloads. If it remains constantly on a very high level, this could indicate that your configuration is not ideal or that you are packing too much on this small device.