Server got new IP address - No access to Nextcloud anymore

Hi, due to a technical issue with my service provider I needed to reset my router today. Before my server had an fix IP address ( Now with this reset the server got a new IP address assigned ( I set it as the new fix adress for the server. With this new IP address I’m able to access the server but not to open Nextcloud anymore. Nothing was changes on the Nextcloud configuration.

If I type in my browser I only got to the appache2 Default Debian Page.

What do I need to change? I added this new IP address to the trusted urls in the config. Anything else. So far I’m not able to set the IP address back to the old one.

Please note. I only access the Nextcloud instance by using a VPN and the internal IP address as url https://...

Were you using DNS before? Is Nextcloud present at that URL, and not Also, have you tried rebooting the server?

No, not that I’m aware of.

No, see first answer. And nextcloud is also not available at

Yes, of course. I restarted the apache2 service and the whole server.

Does it may be related to the fact that I have no connection to the internet right now? Because this is still the case. But I assume it should also work in a local network, right? And do you have any ideas if it is related to some port forwarding? I don’t know if I had set up something before on my router.

Issue resolved. I needed to update the apache virtual host file by adding the new IP address

nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/nextcloud.conf

I was not aware that this file is existing since it seems it was created automatically during installation.