Server error after automatic upgrade to beta release

Hi All,
I believe I recently automatically updated to NC 29. I came home tonight to find myself looking at a blank screen. webpage will no longer load and URL goes directly to /apps/dashboard is currently unable to handle this request.


Any idea


Automatically updated to 29 beta1? :slight_smile:

Check error logs one of your apps is probably not compatible

Nextcloud has no built-in auro-update nechanism, so unless you’ve added that mechanism yourself or something magical has happened on your server, it’s very unlikely that your Nextcloud has updated itself. :wink:

Why do you think that your Nextcloud has automatically updated to version 29? A blank screen and a 500 error only indicates that your web server cannot find a backend, which can have any number of reasons. Is the database service running?

Error 500 can also be Nextcloud or Redis. It is not only that it can’t find backend. Server has a problem. If Nextcloud far down in core breaks them we can have a 500 error. (Not likely but it can happen)

You can check the Apache error log to see what caused the error and you can have PHP display the errors in the browser.

To be honest, No one else is doing it :flushed: I get the emails from Nextcloud support team and I go and look in the administration settings and I see no updates available. I go look at the email and it says for example 28.0.1 beta 3 and I see that my NextCloud is already at that???

That would be the same for Nginx as well?


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All my VM guests either running Windows or Ubuntu except Home Assistant VM. All have a Powershell script or a python script that applies the latest security updates as they get released.

Windows Server = PowerShell
Ubuntu = Python script

Whether that’s doing the updates to NextCloud. I can 100% say that some of these updates I’m not doing myself.

Nginx logs was erroring out on maps. I ran the occ command and disabled maps and NextCloud works now

Well, I guess it depends on how you installed Nextcloud then. As I said, Nextcloud itself does not have an auto-updater built in, but some of the community appliances do auto-update, like the Snap package, but I highly doubt they auto-update to beta releases by default.

Glad you figured it out, but if for some reason your Nextcloud is automatically updating to beta releases, I would recommend that you investigate why this is happening and then disable this behavior.

The only thing I could think of would be when reading your post (a script that updates to the latest security fixes) is that you run a cron job of sorts that runs the occ update command. Now if your server is configured for the beta channel than yes, you would do unattended updates to the latest pre-releases that ship on the beta channel, that is at the moment 29.0.0 beta 1 and beta 2 on Tuesday. For the schedule see

Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I opted in for beta last year sometime

Yeah, I would not recommend doing this on your production instance.

Also, If you absolutely want to update your instance automatically (for bug fixes and security updates), I would recommend adjusting your script so that it only updates to new minor releases of the current version, and does not automatically update to new major releases at all.

Same HTTP Error 500 for me.
In my case it was the “Maps” app. I just deactivated it and everything worked well.

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