Server down Nextcloud on my Synology

"Hello everyone,
Nextcloud 28.2 on Sonology DSM

I recently encountered an issue with my Nextcloud service on my Synology device. After making changes to system resource settings, the Nextcloud service became unavailable, displaying a maintenance message despite reverting the settings and rebooting the device. Could someone please assist me in diagnosing and resolving this issue? Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!"

Can you tell us please what you changed on your setup before this problem appeared?

  • Web server is running?
  • Is DNS accessible by the Nextcloud instance?
  • IP address correctly requested in your webbrowser? (http / https)
  • config.php: trusted domains added with correct domains and / or IP ranges?

Hope this help you analyzing the problem

Everything you mentioned is good.

I just changed some RAM settings and file upload value as in image 2 and then I retrieved all the old values but didn’t work again.

Ok thanks for that information.

I do not have Synology experience, but it seems to me a bit strange that only these changes the system is not working anymore.
Can you conform that there is no connectivity problem? Maybe repositioning the cable accidently for example? Can you ping the device?
Mybe just a reboot of the system can help? (or already tried before?)

Yes the connection ok

Did you put the Nextcloud instance in Maintenance Mode first, before making changes to the resources?

that was my idea when I just read through this thread… since the errormessage clearly says: down because of maintenenace or server capacity problems.

Though I hope @Shihab has solved the problem in the meanwhile…

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