Server and only version Nextcloud 25

On you can test Nextcloud. After register you get a personal link at and then you can create Nextcloud accounts at or (60 minutes?).

I have now seen that Nextcloud 25 is still running on both servers. A lot has changed between Nextcloud 25 and Nextcloud 28. Maybe someone like to test new features (e.g. Vue.js). Maybe you can update these two servers. Thank you.

Nevertheless, it’s nice that this service exists. Thank you.


In the past, when people see strange things on their interface or it was behaving strangely, to compare it with the That was really useful, a current setup that was supposed to work. You could even do a quick test with a client, if the there is a client and/or server problem.

And it is nice to see the interface and click around before you decide to install anything (even if it is easy).

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Yes. But now you must register for a test with an EOL version. Not so nice.


At some point, a community member provided such a server (Demo instances of 9-14 now live) and it was stopped after Nextcloud started to do this officially.

Especially how it is always pointed out that everybody should use the latest versions and keep all php and stuff easily up-to-date.

Not sure why this was stopped/changed, if there was too much maintenance, misuse, or perhaps it wasn’t used that much at all.

Yes. With register the user maybe do not want to test Nextcloud. And then you do notneed an actual version. Maybe Mircrosoft gives test users unsupported versions with security issues, too.