Server-Credentials via MDM-Payload?

Hi community,

is it possible to define a payload in order to specify a nextcloud-server while using jamf school as mdm-server?

right now all users who use the nextcloud-app have to specify the server first and sign in with their credentials afterwards. It´d be nice to skip the manual server-configuration by using payloads within the configuration of the mdm-server.

thx in advance

i think, friday is the wrong day to ask questions,… so once again:

Does anoyone know if it´s possible to configure a server-ip within the mdm in order to inject it to the nc-app?


by the way, this is a non-commercial request!

many schools started using nextcloud as an alternative to commercial solutions. especially in primary-schools it´s almost impossible to manage student’s logins while teaching a class. if there’d be a possibilty to skip the server-adress, it’d be smoother to log in for students. and the technology would be more accepted by the teachers as well.