Server become slow after installation


I have a dedicated server on hetzner ax42 and after I install nextcloud and all my app become very very slow!
how is possible?
I only install app suggested after installations.
I use ngix server and install on mysql db

If you use a database with default settings, and then use the same dataase with other applications, when you start to use Nextcloud a lot, it might have a significant influence. With larger caches, it can look like this:

But like this it is hard to tell, we don’t even know if it is the database. What features you are using, if something is not set up correctly (check your logs for errors), how much it is used, …

So if have just uploaded a few TB of photos and it is generating preview images, or if you started syncing stuff with a few hundred users, …

For a small setup, it should be possible to use Nextcloud together with other services on a dedicated machine. It could be slow if something is not set up correctly.

The most resource intensive app that is in that list is Office. You may want to disable these two apps:

  • Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server
  • Nextcloud Office

However you might want to make an attempt at isolating the cause first since it could be any number of other things:

  • Are there a bunch of recurring entries in your nextcloud.log?
  • What sort of resources are being used on your server (memory? CPU? disk I/O? etc.)

Those may provide further hints.

Do you mean other apps that were already installed on your server?

Hard to say without knowing any details, but in general, any additional application you install creates additional load on the server, consumes memory, creates load on the database if it uses the same database, etc. See also the comments prior to mine.

Regarding the performance of Nextcloud and its apps, have you looked at the following links? In particular, configuring a memory cache can significantly improve the performance of your Nextcloud:

I’m talking about a clean installation where on server there is plesk and nextcloud with talk and calendar…and demo data!
I can’t even open a file in preview!

i have 3 wordpress site on the same server with plesk. Nextcloud become very slow.
I dont install nextcloud collabora and office.