Separating appdata and data folder

Is it possible to keep appdata in different location than the data folder. I would like to have appdata on ssd to improve performance when loading previews and keep all the other data on the hdd.

Thank you in advance

I suppose appdata_xxxxxxxxxx can be mount point for another drive within the main data folder. Assuming both drives are local, you’d need to make proper entry in fstab file to reference mount point. Don’t forget to maintain proper permissions.

As far as NC is concerned, everything should be seamless.

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Replace the preview directory by a symbolic link to a path on your ssd drive. make sure that the access rights are correctly set so that Nextcloud will still be able to access the data :wink:

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That would work, but It seems that nextcloud creates new appdata folder with random hash appended to the name when upgrading, which would mean I have to manually do this every time.

If the folder is renamed on your server during an update, I would assume that something has gone wrong, because I 've never seen that the data folder name got renamed,

I assumed the two different appdata directories were due to the update, but I guess I forgot to delete the old one during the migration to a new install.

Thank you for your help, will mark this as solved.

Replace the preview directory by a symbolic link to a path on your ssd drive.

For the record, symlinks are not allowed in data/ directory. So, you need to bind mount the directory.

I tried to bind-mount my /data/appdata to a folder on a ssd (in unraid, a prefer-cache share). But it won’t work. It keeps putting the appdata in the old folder on the hdd share. Any tips?