Send shared links directly

Hi, is there any way or app to send the files and folders shared links at the moment you create it? I mean, when I create a shared link for a file I have to send it on my own, is there anything to send directly to whose I want to share with?

Thanks in advance


I think it started with NC 12 where you can enter the email addresses into the “share with” field.
I’m using NC 12.0.3 and can enter all the email addresses I want to share the file/ folder with. Each email address will receive its own share link I believe and you can revoke the share and so on. Apart from the details: it’s definitely working to share it directly via email.

I just checked:
There is an App “Share by mail”. This is doing the trick :slight_smile:

Hey!!! I didn’t realized I could write down and external email!!!

Thanks a lot!!!