Send mail error 404

Hello. I have the error 404 sending emails.
The email is sending but shows the error… confusing the users.
Helpme. Thanks!

errr… this is a gmail-screenshot.
no nextcloud-reference anywhere

Gmail in the background it´s only to show the email… works fine.
But nextcloud shows error 404…
sorry for confusion !

I’m afraid you posted not enough information about your instance.

as for a beginning it would be helpful if you’d post a screenshot of your email-server setting in your admin-account. don’t forget to blur information that shouldn’t go out.

Tha ks Jimmy. In first image i changed to smtp but shows error 500 now .
In second image deleted all and persist the error 400.

phewww doing all the transferstuff from portugese to english is … demanding :smiley:

first pic setup seems to be correct,. you could try “Plano” under authentication.
If that wouldn’t help here are some more questions.

Are there any unsolved problems under administracao - visao geral?
Are there any referring entries in registos?

Hey Jimmy… sorry! But it´s not portugese … its spanish (jejeje) .

Yesterday i tried install again. But the problem persist. So… in the Admin / Overview i have warnings with opcache, gmp and memcache. i tried fix in the server… in the case of Opcache, change generates others warnings :roll_eyes:
In this case, may I ask you to please access the installation? I have no problem, because what I am doing is a test to show a client and there is no real information.I would appreciate it very much.
Now it is installed in English, let me know and thank you very much again!

I’m pretty sure your instance is misconfigured. The request should not return a 404. Nextcloud (the php code) might not receive it.

Please see the admin documentation and fix any setup warnings Nextcloud prompts you with.

Hello. I have made the necessary changes to the server. For now it keeps showing me the memory cache error. What I want to know is if this error influences the 404 error, because the APCu option is not activated and Redis or Memcached is only available on dedicated servers.