Send activity emails "as soon as possible": not working for emails

I want to receive updates on activities (like Changes in the Deck app) as soon they are happening.

Therefore, I set this setting to: “As soon as possible”

But nothing happens. I don’t receive an e-mail.

Then I activated the notifications setting. There is the lowest entry 1 hour.

My cron job is running every 3 minutes.
With activating above notifications setting, I receive my activity notification (in the best case) 1h + 3 Minutes after the activity occurs.

What can I do to receive the activity notifications when they are happening?

Nextcloud-Version 27.1.5

Hi @andrew293, is your activity menu well configured? (set on email for activities you want ?)

Thanks for your reply, @Mageunic !

Yes, I configured activity app with emails!

In this case I receive email notifications from Deck app, but 1hour + 3 mins (= setting from “Notifications” dropdown + my cron job) too late.

I think of the property “As soon as possible” that the email is sent *when the event occurs" (+ 3 minutes for the cron job). Is this a misunderstanding?

Hi @andrew293 , from what I understand it should be what you said but I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you…