Self-planning for guests: looking for help and ideas


We use Nextcloud in a primary school; all staff members have accounts, but parents do not. In this school we have several tasks parents can help with.

We currently use an excel in OnlyOffice to list the tasks, create a public (editable) link and ask parents to out their names behind the tasks. This works, but is not ideal as OnlyOffice Excels don’t work well on mobile and the user interface is not so friendly.

Does anyone here have ideas how to create tasks with dates in Nextcloud in such a way that people without an account can add and remove their name and see who else is on the roster?

Thank you!

Maybe Polls would be an idea?

I have looked at it, but it does not really work as you can’t make choices exclusive.
With that I mean that if person A chooses an option, a second person can also choose that option.
But we want that date or task to be blocked as soon as someone has chosen it.

you can share Collabora docs with anonymous users - Collabora works on mobile as well (depending on the docs still a hassle). Polls or Forms is definitely better solution if it covers your requirements

Spontaneously i would have thought, that Nextcloud Deck is the sophisticated solution for Task organisation, no?
The blocking-option, however, is a quite specific requirement of which i don’t know if Deck is able to manage that.