Self hosted Nextcloud ona VPS or rented Nextcloud Service, opinion?


I want to run Nextcloud on a VPS, so I would not host at home, because I am not home often if the PC turns off and my internet is not very fast.
I have 3 questions:

  1. What is better: to rent a VPS and install Nextcloud myself, or simply rent a managed Nextcloud service?
    The price would be very similar. Most of the apps I need are also available to install with Ionos nextcloud service.

  2. Is it possible to transfer the whole nextcloud (everything with all the apps, not just the files) to another server?
    So let’s say, I would first rent Nxtcloud with someone and then I wold want to self-host, or the other way around, could I just transform it all? Is it possible to transfer whole nextcloud to another provider?

Either is fine. Depends on how much you want to learn about Linux and sysadmin.

Yes. You can backup and restore your data. It is fully documented and done at the filesystem level with occ commands. If selfhosted, the speeds of your device and network will be the limiting factor in how long it takes to transfer.

Nothing stops you from having both hosted and selfhosted Nextclouds. :slight_smile:

I would probably recommend a VPS because you can then install any Nextcloud appliance as well which makes maintenance easy and you dont rely on the hoster for that. For example you might install AIO then on the server.

Using something like Nextcloud AIO will make migration to a new server as easy as possible.

Thank you for your answer!

Hi! Thank you for your reply. Yes, I think I will install it myself besides the one I am renting now.
I slightly prefer renting, so I do not have to deal with it and worry if anything goes wrong. but I might need extra apps later on and I can not install them with the rented next cloud.

The only thing important is that I can migrate from self-hosted to rented and vice versa.

Ask your Rental provider on their export process since you do not have admin access.

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