Self hosted. Calendar permissions?


I installed Nextcloud 25.0.3 on my server (Ubuntu 20.04, Apache2, PHP 7.4 FPM).
Then I created two calendars.
And another user and a new group for this user.
I added the new group and user to the calendar.
I set the user as group-admin for the new group.

What I can not find is where I can set the individual permissions for those user+group. I do NOT have the ability to see the added groups+users.
There is no chainlink-share-icon next to the calendar name in the list of calendars, just a pen to “edit and share calendar”, which leads me to the little modal, that lets me change the name and put in a groupname or username. When I put in a name to add it, the user can read but not write - and as said, there is no list to edit permissions or remove users/groups from calendars.

There is “[chain link icon] share link” (not clickable), “share public link”, “…” (which leads to email-sharing, subscription-link, embedding-code and the delete-link-option).
And there is “copy private link”, as well as “export” and “delete”.

When I login via thunderbird OR browser, the user can’t create any new events in this shared calendar. I can’t find user+group permission list of the calendar (as an admin).

Help! Please! :confused:

Hump de Bump.