Selective Synchronization

I am syncing an entire volume but there are a few folders on that volume which I don’t want to sync. Is there a way to exclude them?

Just Uncheck the Folders in the Sync Client GUI.

Thanks for the quick reply. But when I do that it warns me that "Unchecked folders will be REMOVED from your local file system…"
I am sychronizing TO the server from my local files. I don’t want the local files deleted, I just don’t want them uploaded. So will it delete my local files as it warns if I uncheck them?

Even though the synchronisation ist Bidirectional, the Client only allows you to choose which folders to exclude from Downloading TO your computer. Not the other way round. Would be a feature request, but i dont know if this has already been dicussed or not.

Whats your usecase btw.?

A workaround suggested was to put your specific folder into the ignore file list. Then it is not synced anymore, but it stays on your desktop …

thanks - I’ll try.

Is there a way to control selective synchronization from the server side.
This is a problem for only desktop clients. On android and IOS, it is the expected behavior for all files.

I have large folders that end up being downloaded to each user’s client unnecessarily. I want the desktop client to not download certain folders, and to behave much like an android or IOS client.

I would like to be able to place a hidden file (much like .htaccess) at the root of a folder tree that would instruct desktop clients to not sync the folder to local machines.

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Not currently. But you maybe could find WebDAV Clients which have that functionality.

I was just thinking about this today and started to become somewhat concerned about the implications of sync, particularly with group folders. I dont care so much what happens with one clients data, but with group folders ( the bulk of all data ) I dont want users to be able to sync as a server side function because:

  1. I cannot track ( audit ) webav transactions as far as I am aware.

  2. The size of the data is enormous ( 800GB ), which is more space than most of the workstations have in the first place. Most of my workstations have 500GB hdd.

  3. If one user of a group folder gets a crypto, I am stuck restoring 800GB of data from backup.

So my thought is sabre-dav needs a file access rule to block certain folders ( such as group folders) from sync to make this happen server side. I think there is a file access control app for Nextcloud but I havent familiarized myself with it enough to determine whether it can accomplish this objective.

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