Select to share multiple files/photos

I recently wanted to share 4 photos form Instant Upload with a friend, but realized that you can’t select individual photos or files and then share. You would have to copy/move them to a separate directory and then share that folder.

Is there a way to select the files wanted and by clicking share, it creates a sort of virtual folder that can be shared directly with people or through a link?

I see this similar post form 2016, but I’m not sure if there’s been any updates since.


I agree, this would be a very useful thing…


This would be very useful… honestly I am very surprised this isn’t a thing already - it just seems like basic functionality of a collaboration app…


I use nextcloud to share numerous photos among many users. At the moment it’s a bit cumbersome because you have to share each photo individually.

It would be nice if you could do that in the same way as with “Download”. I hope there is a solution soon.

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I think this is not possible because of the sharing design.

That would be a shame. For example, one of the best features in Google Photos is that you can share photos with different users quickly and easily. You can also share albums for different users and so you always have the optimal overview of what you shared with whom … And each photo is only there once.

How could you solve that in Nextcloud? Any suggestions?

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You can open an issue or search the issues at .
I think for solving the problem there must be a new “sharing optión” in addition to “file”, “dir” a “group”. This “group” manage many files with one single sharing url. And yes i think it is possible.

But currently, it is’nt.