Select photos in web interface

Hello all,

My goal is to clean up my photos.
Now, as I have many of them, I don´t synchronize them with my desktop pc, that means that I cannot simply delete them on a local store.
Also, using the mobile app is not really usable, because there are that many pictures to delete.

What I am missing: An option to select multiple files in the web interface. Did I misunderstand something and my goal is somehow possible?

You can select multiple files in files-view and delete them.

Yep, but in file-view the thumbnails are that small that I really cannot differentiate on many pics if keep or delete.
Is there any other way?

No, I don’t think so. An issue ticket already exists to get the desired function implemented.

You can change in the right top to bigger grid view and then mark and multi-delete.

Hello all,

thanks for your replies. I hope that it will be solved someday.
@devnull: This already helps.