Seeking Advice on Integrating NextCloud Vue.js Components into React for My Files Functionality

Dear NextCloud Community,

I am currently facing a challenge with integrating “My Files” functionality into my React application while utilizing components developed in NextCloud using Vue.js. I’m eager to explore if anyone in the community has discovered effective strategies or workarounds for integrating Vue.js components seamlessly into a React environment, particularly concerning file-related functionalities.

Specifically, I’m seeking guidance on:

  1. Approaches or methods to integrate Vue.js components from NextCloud into a React application.

  2. Handling compatibility issues or potential hurdles when combining Vue.js components with a React-based project.

  3. Leveraging NextCloud’s file functionalities developed in Vue.js within a React application.

If any member of the community has encountered a similar scenario or has insights into how to bridge this gap between Vue.js components in NextCloud and a React environment, your expertise or any recommended resources would be immensely valuable to me.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

Maybe the frontenders team might be able to give you advice. However, I personally doubt that you will gain much by combining react with Vue, to be honest