Security warning: The is_admin user property is set

I started to get this kinda Collabora warning for security. I can’t find what it means. Any ideas?

Screenshot from 2024-06-11 22-05-30

First there comes some popup saying there is security finding, and clicking it takes to this popup. It says “No issues found”, but still it sounds worrying.

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Where are you seeing this?

When I open a doc from nextcloud, and collabora loads up, it has a banner saying Click to see security warnings. When I click it, this pops up. So it’s from collabora, I assume.

Same here since upgrading to the Collabora CODE Docker image collabora/code: (on NC 28.0.6 and App Nextcloud Office 8.3.7).

Edit: after a while the message changes (and gets redisplayed continously)

Opened issue:

Same - just updated both so not sure which is causing the issue; Nextcloud 29.02 and collabora 9091043

I only get this message when I’m logged into an admin account, which imho shouldn’t be used for day-to-day work in the first place.

This is a CO/CODE matter. Looks recently resolved to so I expect it’ll be in the next release: