Security improvement with DANE / TLSA

It would be great, if nextcloud secure the connection with an DANE/TLSA-check.

It would be great, if nextcloud secured the connection with an DANE-check.
In my opinion DANE is one of the best security enhancement in the WWW the last years.

Do you mean DANE/TLSA for the Homepage of Nextcloud at ?

As for your own Nextcloud instance installed on your server implementing DANE/TLSA is fully up to you.
The Nextcloud developers can not do much but you have to implement this by yourself using a SSL certificate for your domain and make the necessary changes to your webserver configuration, DNS-Server and the Domain-Registrar.

Here is a good reading on how you can do it:

I mean a DANE-checkup from nextcloud client against the certificate hash in the DNS.

This means that a Man-in-the-Middle is nearly impossible.

Thats the propose of DANE/TLSA-Records.

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