Security error after install and restore db

We had to change server. On the new one we install nc 20.0.3. and backup files.
In paramater/ administration/Dashboard, checking security I got
1- error : a lot of invalid file :

  • core
      • config.php
      • data-save/.htaccess
      • data-save/.ocdata
      • data-save/owncloud.db
      • data-save/appdata_och13w50uzk1/js/files/merged-index.js.gzip

      • and all data-save repository files,
        with always the same issue :
        [config.php] => Array
        [expected] =>
        [current] => f00dfba86eb8f6d14484048ca209d0e60740399bad21dbfcea29871f6b09f9ffc171bf049032fcdea8c…

How correct this?
Thanks for your help.

This issue is close : i have move the files and this error is resolved.