Secrets (new app for Nextcloud 24 and Nextcloud 25)

I found by chance the apparently quite new app Secrets (Github, Youtube) and wanted to write about it briefly.

“Securely and share data with anyone. All data is end-to-end encrypted by the user and will be deleted once retrieved successfullly”

The app seems to be a little bit like PrivateBin but always with option Burn After Reading.

What can the app be used for?
You can use the app to send client side Javascript encrypted text with a url to a recipient e.g. with email. Optional you can use a password protection.

End-to-End-encryption with Javascript in the browser
If the software works correct the data can not be read on the Nextcloud instance because of the E2E-encryption. The part of the url after the hash (#) (AES-key not the password) is never send to the Nextcloud server.


and by our very own @theCalcaholic


@theCalcaholic: This app is perfect for sending messages like in Mission Impossible :sunglasses: I think this function is really great! I’ve tested the app and found 3 things, who can help to make your app even better…

  1. Attachments. This app also should have the possibility to send files like in Mission Impossible :sunglasses:

  2. If the sender can set a timeline (how long should the message be displayed after opening) it’s absolute like in Mission Impossible.

  3. Just play a video and afterwards the message is closed :rofl:

  4. It would be nice if the sender could change the output language.

I hope you like my inspiration :innocent:


Thank you for the show case!

@oztranet Attachments (or sharing files instead of text) is considered for my roadmap, as is localization. :slight_smile: I’m not sure when I will find the time for it, though.

Generally, feature requests are welcome at the Github repository. It’s more likely that I will see (and remember) them there.

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Perhaps others could assist you with this through Nextcloud localization | Transifex