Second Nextcloud 11 Beta Available!

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A quick note: we’ve published Beta 2 of Nextcloud 11 and we’re looking forward to more feedback and bug reports!

For some solid arguments on why to test, see our earlier blog about the first beta.

The release is targeted for later this month. Help us make Nextcloud 11 rock stable! We’d especially appreciate testing of the upgrade process as we’ve given that a serious overhaul. And like last time, we’d like to note that apps and their compatibility is another area that needs your testing! If you are brave enough to test in production, at least make sure to do a database backup. And report any issues you find here in GitHub.

Using the upgrade app i have an error

Check for expected files
The following extra files have been found:

What i have to do,
Deleting those files ?


Edit : finally htaccess was a test i ve made for removing index.php so i trashed it.
I move the folder assets somewhere else in case of…

Then i had problems with permissions and after the process work good.

I got disappointed when at the end they ask me to use command line for upgrading because my instance is too heavy.
I only have one user with 200Mo of files. Strange.

I use the last occ upgrade and it worked