Second beta of Nextcloud 28

The second beta of Nextcloud 28 is now available on our download server! :rocket:

As always, help with testing is very much welcome!
If you notice anything out of order, please report back on the appropriate github repository! :bowing_woman:

Known issues: The photos app got broken, likely you’ll see an additional beta 3 early next week addressing it.


:headstone: This archive is pulled due to issues with the updater.



Updating via script (overwriting, folders) then occ upgrade went fine. However, /settings/admin/overview now shows

There are some errors regarding your setup.
    2255 errors in the logs since 3. November 2023

Is the fact that errors are reported here something newly implemented?

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I got the same message but complaining about 5 error messages. :roll_eyes:

It will put a lot of pressure on the developers to quickly fix the error messages that arise due to bugs, as a red warning that starts at 1, so to speak, is very upsetting and will also cause a lot of threads here in the forum.

I updated two servers
one with MariaDB: the logging tab no longer shows anything and remains empty
one with PostgreSQL: logging tab works.

Both servers log much errors like this:

  "reqId": "OxYWvtlFe20FlNldOf6C",
  "level": 3,
  "time": "2023-11-10T20:58:49+00:00",
  "remoteAddr": "",
  "user": "admin",
  "app": "core",
  "method": "GET",
  "url": "/cron.php",
  "message": "Could not decrypt or decode encrypted session data",
  "userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 OPR/",
  "version": "",
  "exception": {
    "Exception": "Exception",
    "Message": "Authenticated ciphertext could not be decoded.",
    "Code": 0,
    "Trace": [
        "file": "/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Security/Crypto.php",
        "line": 119,
        "function": "decryptWithoutSecret",
        "class": "OC\\Security\\Crypto",
        "type": "->",
        "args": [
          "*** sensitive parameters replaced ***"
        "file": "/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Session/CryptoSessionData.php",
        "line": 85,
        "function": "decrypt",
        "class": "OC\\Security\\Crypto",
        "type": "->",
        "args": [
          "*** sensitive parameters replaced ***"
        "file": "/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Session/CryptoSessionData.php",
        "line": 66,
        "function": "initializeSession",
        "class": "OC\\Session\\CryptoSessionData",
        "type": "->"
        "file": "/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Session/CryptoWrapper.php",
        "line": 112,
        "function": "__construct",
        "class": "OC\\Session\\CryptoSessionData",
        "type": "->"
        "file": "/var/www/nextcloud/cron.php",
        "line": 62,
        "function": "wrapSession",
        "class": "OC\\Session\\CryptoWrapper",
        "type": "->"
    "File": "/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Security/Crypto.php",
    "Line": 135,
    "message": "Could not decrypt or decode encrypted session data",
    "exception": {},
    "CustomMessage": "Could not decrypt or decode encrypted session data"

Does that have somethng to do with my self signed certificates?

Lots of other errors as well but need more time to monitor.


groupfolders-app comes with an update (16.0.0) for Version 28 and works!

Much luck,

Plus, there still is a (long standing) inconsistency between update:check and app:update --all:


Update for external to version 5.3.1 is available.
Update for impersonate to version 1.15.0 is available.
Update for twofactor_webauthn to version 1.3.0-alpha.1 is available.
3 updates available

app:update --all

duplicatefinder new version available: 1.1.1
duplicatefinder updated
guests new version available: 3.0.0
guests updated
twofactor_webauthn new version available: 1.3.0-alpha.1
twofactor_webauthn updated
passwords new version available: 2023.11.30-build5162
passwords updated
impersonate new version available: 1.15.0
impersonate updated
calendar_resource_management new version available: 0.6.0-alpha.1
calendar_resource_management couldn't be updated
external new version available: 5.3.1
external couldn't be updated

I separated the last two (which are part of the app:update --all output) to highlight that they were NOT updated although shown as available update.


Nope, this is a regression from an attempt to log critical code paths when sessional renewal fail. It should be fixed by fix(session): Do not log fresh/empty session as error by ChristophWurst · Pull Request #41318 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

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Thats why I use

occ app:update -n --no-warnings --allow-unstable --showonly --all

as update checker in my scripts :wink:


Yikes, above was my “minimal apps” server I test twofactor_email against prior to releasing it. On my “maximum apps” server I get quite a lot of errors:

13540 errors in the logs since 4. November 2023

Plus, above that error messages hint, I get this after the update:

Dein Webserver ist noch nicht hinreichend für Datei-Synchronisierung konfiguriert, da die WebDAV-Schnittstelle vermutlich nicht funktioniert.

(engl: WebDAV doesn’t work) – That’s unexpected since I did not change anything else in my setup. But, it indeed doesn’t work (whereas it USED to!):

And no, these error messages all seem to come from NC core and apps that announce themselves being compatible to NC28. I only have one exception allowed since I rely on this app, and nobody reacts on my proposal to maintain it. Excerpt from test/config/config.php:

  array (
    0 => 'files_frommail',
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same here on two servers. they are offline for now with a non-functional webdav. Also did not change anything in the setup.
Hope that an early next week beta3 is fixing this. :slight_smile:

From the error it looks like: Breaks Hub 7/Nc28 · Issue #1022 · nextcloud/recognize · GitHub

Can you try disabling recognize?

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After disabling recognize, WebDAV is functional. Thanks!

I think that an app should not be able to thwart the core function, but alas that’s how PHP based systems work.

recognize is not an app, recognize is a beast

[SCNR] :wink:


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:information_source: Due to an issue with the updater in Beta 2 we have pulled this release from the download server. Beta 3 is already available. If you are on Beta 2 you have to fetch an older build of the updater. Please find instructions in Third beta of Nextcloud 28.