Second beta of Nextcloud 26

Great fan of Nextcloud, thank all you developers.
I’d like to test 26.0.0beta2, but I cannot upgrade because of some incompatible apps:


VeriVault 25.0.3


A new version is available: Nextcloud 26.0.0 beta 2
3 apps have no compatible version for this Nextcloud version available.
Apps missing compatible version

Pico CMS

I’m sure you’ll get round to nudging respective developers, hopefully before the next beta. Please can you ensure at least one beta with full app compatibility.

There probably won’t be a beta with full app compatibility. Passwords maintainer for example starts working when the version is marked as stable.

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That will never happen. Best you can expect is solid support after a few point releases after the major.

The point of the beta phase is to begin testing amongst the developers without building from source.
Your cart is far ahead of the horse.

I strongly advise against testing betas on your main / production instance. Matter of fact, I would usually even recommend to wait at least until the first point release, before upgrading to a new major release.

These are all third party apps, so there isn’t much the Nextcloud developers can do. After all they cannot force independent app developers to upgrade their apps on time.


FWIW, i did a test “upgrade installation” today which went pretty easily:

Old NC system:
-32 bit Debian stable
- PHP7.4
- MariaDB
- apache 2.4.54 (i think)

New system:
- 64 bit Debian testing
- PHP8.2.2
- MariaDB 10.6.11-2

  • Apache 2.4.55-1

Involved apps:
- Calendar
- Contacts
- Tasks
- Notes

What i did:

  1. Create a database backup
  2. Backup /config/config.php
  3. Backup user data
  4. Install
  5. Remove /config/CAN-INSTALL
  6. Copy config.php from old system
  7. Re- Import database
  8. Re- import user data

Visiting the web frontend greeted me with an app update message. Clicking on the only button resulted in a longish list of repair steps the system executed on its own.
Everything seems to work!
I’m impressed! Thanks a lot!