Searching Within Tasks Only For Active Tasks?

Question relates to NC 28.0.4 and Tasks 0.15.0. How to make a search query for finding only active tasks matching with the search pattern but not tasks already accomplished?

Hello @vatolin,

Basically, there should be different areas in the Tasks app:
Once your lists are displayed, then all completed tasks and the Current or All (without Completed) tasks.

If you are in the β€œAll” tab by default, the completed tasks are not displayed, even if you are in the β€œCurrent” tab.

However, if you are in a special list and carry out your search there, it is possible that you have not collapsed the hidden tasks; otherwise they will be displayed.

But you probably mean when you search for tasks when you are not on the page with the Tasks app, right?

I mean searching by click on the magnifier lens icon in the upper right of the website where then this panel appears: