Searching Through Shared Folder

I am using a shared folder as a resource library for colleagues to download images. I am not seeing a search bar when I access it the way they will be accessing the folder. Does anyone know if there is a search bar, and if not is there something like it?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, can’t follow do you have a screen shot? There is always a search bar in the upper right corner for me … if they are users and not using public links …

There was another thread open for this request:

There seems to be no plans right now to implement such feature. Options are to post an app idea and somebody will work on that (maybe you? :wink: ) or offer a little donation for developers to write an app for you. The other users might want to donate as well then.
I don’t know if @fakemoth initiated something already.

Hi Escubaer,

It is a password protected folder that I have shared. If I sign out of my account and then go to the HTML and enter the password, it doesn’t have the search command on the upper right side of the screen like it would if I were logged in.

The people that will be accessing this folder won’t have their own logins.

Thank you for your help!

Oh what a bummer! I thought that this app was going to be as user-friendly as dropbox.

Thanks for the info.

Ok, I recommend the guest functionality in ownCloud then for that use case.

Or wait for the guest app to be released for Nextcloud :wink:

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@Escubaer, do you know when that will be happening? Sounds amazing–the layout and functionality of NextCloud is so much better than dropbox and the files are more secure over our own server. This is the only drawback!

No, there are discussions in other threats here, it sounds like the developers are busy with work for customers and nobody from the community is stepping up. I have both systems running, so I don’t care personally and for my clients.