Search then open in native gui

when i search in nextcloud client, it retrieves a list of files. Upon double clicking, it opens the web based nextcloud. Is there anyway to make it open the file location in the native windows gui directly instead of the web browser which shows the location of the file as the virtual files are already in my computer?
The accessing of the web url is not useful as it downloads the file to downloads then i have to replace the original file in the windows directory.
The path of the files (folders, sub folders etc) is very long and theres no way to copy paste it either, so i have to see each folder then manually in windows click in my computer to get to the file. As its almost 7-10 layers it wastes alot of time.

does anyone know anything about this? or if i should post this elsewhere?

No afaik, because the client is searching on the server for the files, not on your local machine.

Can’t you use the Windows search function or the search in Windows Explorer in order to find the file locally on your computer…?

ah thats too bad…
the windows search function does not search within documents which are not downloaded and the repo is quite large about 400gb with 200k files, so downloading it all on every machine would not be possible… in fact i think nextclouds search function is faster then the windows search function, by ALOT!

I was hoping afew small coding changes could change the web redirect to the desktop to open up the folder containing the file, then i would just have to double click the file which would download the file and viola !

If you mean “Full Text Search” by that, then no, because Windows Explorer obviously can’t search through the contents of a file that hasn’t been downloaded yet. But you definitely can serach for file names in Windows Explorer, and it should also find the placeholders that haven’t been downloaded yet.

You can check if there is already a feature request on GitHub, and if not, open one… Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub